Appreciation on the Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT – Master II Ref.116719BLRO

Rolex patented “Cerachrom technology” comes from the abbreviation of “ceramic” and a Greek suffix word “chrom” which is solution for color. Ceramic colors available is limited by its manufacturing process. In general, the formation of color is from mineral pigments, the paint should be affected by high temperature, the high temperature burn makes the ceramic become dense, and it can get the particular hardness. However, Red itself has no stable mineral pigment, it is difficult to constitute the Cerachrom components. Nonetheless, rolex from the beginning made the red ceramic with the secret process. For Rolex brand, however, this innovative technology is only half of the achievement, more accurately, it has some distance to produce the meaningful red and blue double color Cerachrom word bezel, and it still remains to be done.

In the face of the challenge of the remaining, Rolex engineers finally found the solution. The ingenious process included adding the innovative coloring process in the standard Cerachrom circle production. In this way, half red ceramic word circle can become blue. Finally, rolex new GMT-Master II Ref.116719BLRO watch that is matching with the red blue double color Cerachrom word circle was launched by Rolex in 2014, and it was combining the high-tech and the classical aesthetics of the original watch in 1955 together as a whole. There has been thought that this color combination cannot be made from ceramic, therefore the occurrence of this Rolex watch let a dream come true. Red ceramic word ring production difficulty is extremely high, so the red on the ceramic is rare. Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT – Master II once again proved the Strong research and development ability and innovation of lean techniques of the Rolex watch, to be a leader in the watch industry, and also help the Rolex position in the watch industry much more solid.

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