Classic But Not Antique-Choosing A Lady Watches

What appeal lady’s eyes to a watch? I think there are three reasons: one is that they need one to symbol their maturity and their attitude toward life. Second, a watch symbols the taste. Taking a watch as way to show somebody’s status is a good way. The third one is their craze about the top watch-making skills and passion about them. So in the coming post, we offer two types lady watches for those who lost themselves among so many watches.

Cartier Tank Francaise W51008Q3
Choosing this one is for the convenience of avoiding winding up the watch. A bunches of ornamentations on lady’s hands will make them forget winding the watch. At the meantime, the round bezel is formal and medium comparatively with the round shape. Ladies in the workplace wear deep uniform and work across buildings and offices. A silver France Tank reflects her capability and experiences. Cartier never stick to its rules: other brands turn their sight to exotic watch while Cartier turned its eyes on a French Tank which inspired designers to develop this revolution shape-a perfect rectangular. The white dial and the white Roman time indexes will make someone fall in love at the first sight. When speaking of energy, Carter Tank Francaise W51008Q3 is fitted with a 057 quartz movement and it has three unit of water-resist (30 meters, in other words).

And how to daily maintain this Cartier watch? Just not throw away your parking box!
When receive a beloved Cartier watch and pull down the outside packing, don’t throw the protective watch box away. These hard shell preservation box protecting your Cartier watch can give the safest protection when you usually don’t wear the watch, so as to avoid watch being broken or collided, so keeping the preservation box is absolutely necessary, and advice put this Cartier watch into the box when you don’t wear it to greatly reduce the probability of damage on it.

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