Patek Philippe and Tag Heuer Replica to Choose from

Patek Philippe has been very strictly in any process during making a watch, so every type of it are very classic, even a small details are processed carefully so that consumers would feel good. Anyway, this is a watch that mainly designed for the business women, and of course it is a good choice for those who want to travel the world.

Like what we said before, 5960/1A-001 is made of stainless steel and a 40.5 mm case suit a majority of people. The white dial and silver-metal case gives us a cool feel. On the crown, an obvious Patek Philippe logo is visible show itself and brings brand effects. 5960 was launched in 2006 and Patek Philippe has been enriching this series, particularly in the recent three years(rose gold version in 2012, platinum version in 2013 and stainless version in 2014).

Tag Heuer Monaco V4 featuring No-motion rotor
Tag Heuer Monaco V4 is automatic winding but it exclude a regular rotor. The back of the case is a tungsten rotor and it will oscillates back and forth. And such motion can capture the motion.

What’s more, the irregular visual feast. When I found it in the 2014 watch fair, I found that the wrangling rotor is a grand visual feast for me that I got hooked. I am crazy about it, tag Heuer Monaco has a clever design. It unusual strength offer the excellence and clear reading. What’s more I find it pretty suit my hand, but the main reason I choose it is the appearance on the outlook. You needs you appreciate its various facets through your eyes and while appreciating the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 watch, you should stand in designers’ place to think about the way in which watch-maker designs it, actually, this is the originality. Sometimes I can’t help thinking what air does they inhale? I guess it must be the noble gases only for genius.

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