Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept GMT-Exceeding the Past

Royal Oak Concept GMT is a special watch for those dedicated collector and watch fans. The exquisite titanium case is fitted with a rubber-made bracelet and white ceramics bezel. Besides, a tourbillon and GMT second time zone display can be seen on the Royal Oak Concept GMT. Benefiting from the breakthrough of the Audemars Piguet’s on the material and innovation, the bridge plate on the watch is made of white ceramics for the first time in the history.

Royal Oak Concept GMT has its first debut in the 2002, as an homage to Royal octagon Oak. Royal Oak Concept GMT was designed by Gerald Genta and is the first luxury watch that is made steel in the world. Now this Royal Oak Concept GMT has a solid case that is made of hard Alacrite alloy, setting off the octagon and 8 screws to their best forms. Skeleton dial exposes every small part of the machine to us, and all those symbolic marks and design are inherited perfectly, such as the Royal Oak Carbon Concept that was launched in 2008 and a Royal Oak Concept GMT with octagonal bezel, button and crown.

The white ceramics of the replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept GMT is nine times tougher than the steel, which means bezel, button and crown in the Royal Oak Concept GMT must be processed for a long time before they are applied to watches. Ceramics, as an anti-scratching compound materials, can only be scratched by diamond. Therefore, if we want to process with ceramics, sharper made of diamonds is needed to cut them and it must be a great challenge to polishing the rough appearance as the ceramics itself is anti-scratching. Making a ceramic bezel alone will take 8 hours, and comparatively, it just takes 45 minutes to make a steel bezel.

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