THE TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 41MM

As a Tag Heuer fan, you may have learned something about 1887 movement, and now let’s go deeper and see how Tag Heuer puts it into a case. This movement was first released in Carrera in 2009, and it has been existed for over several years in the market. So far, it receives tons of popularity in the market.

It reaches 41mm in terms of its diameter and that seems to be tribute to the Vintage Carrera we have mentioned, and it is close to the entry-level watches in price. 41mm size is definitely a small size while other watches has already hit 44mm or a big size. This size reminds us of the old Carrera with its thin bezel, faceted lugs, and clean dial. The case, which is made of silver, is well polished, so it looks much shiner than others. The black dial is amazingly handsome, as it combines a flat finish with circular graining in the subdials, further accented by a polished silver flange. What’s more, the reading is perfect, as you anticipates. The hour markers are large applied metal, with readable seconds and 1/4th seconds hash marks between them. I particularly appreciate that these are 1/4th seconds markers and not 1/5th seconds, accurately nodding to the 4Hz movement’s ability to measure only down to this interval. A tachymeter scale lines the main dial flange, which is matte black to match the rest of the dial.

And “performance” is a great word for this Carrera, as it performs beautifully. The lugs maintain their angular appearance from above, but they curve gently underneath allowing the watch to sit low on the wrist. The matte crocodile strap also has a TAG Heuer deployment clasp that, rather than using pin holes in the strap, clamps down wherever is most comfortable. This allows you to get a really perfect fit, and it’s something I’m surprised we don’t see more often. Or you can visit the replica Tag Heuer F1 to view more about the Tag Heuer watches or get what you like the most.

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