Tip on Choosing the Watches with Speed Measuring Function

For the question mechanical watches how to speed, we all know that speed (V) = distance (S)/time (T), watch in hand knowing time is not a problem, so we want to know the speed then it is necessary to know the distance (S), here everybody should already know the working principle of speed measuring wrist watch; now the mechanical speeding wrist watch must contain a hidden condition, that is , it must be on route (S), that we can know about it according to the sign on the highway. And the default is 1 km away to calculate, with the timing function and the time scales on the speed watch bezel, we can accurately know wrist watch in the average speed in 1 kilometer. Here we will recommend a Swiss watch with speed function.

Omega Speedmaster series 3576.50.00 watch

Omega Speedmaster is the only timing chronograph that is suitable to accompany the astronauts to fly into the space after passing through the extremely strict testing by NASA. The watch is in 42 mm diameter design, and the watch case is made of stainless steel, at 12 o ‘clock position there has the classic beautiful phases of the moon display function. Watch is applying the sapphire crystal glass case bottom design, and you can see the inside of the movement precision working, wrist watch waterproof depth is 50 meters.

In addition to the Omega watch mentioned above, the Rolex Daytona 116520-78590 black dial watch and the Chopard MILLE MIGLIA GT XL CHRONO series 168511-3001 watch also are great choices for you if you are looking for a watch with speed measuring function. And of course, the Rolex Daytona may be much more expensive than the other two watches, but you will feel it worthy because of the excellent performance and outstanding workmanship.

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