Persona 5 Kaitou Cosplay Costume

Persona 5 Kaitou Cosplay Costume

The Persona series First generation will be released for the PSP version. It will include brand-new plots, debut characters and brand new characters. The Japanese version will be available on April 29, 2009.

“Persona” was the first work by Persona Ww Diana Prince Costume The title “Goddess” is only applicable to the first generation of this series, and the subsequent works are referred to as Persona.

Persona 5 Kaitou Cosplay Costume Protagonist Akira Kurusu Full Set

Persona is the persona of the character. Persona’s appearance is very well-behaved, but once you become a thief, the entire atmosphere of the individual will shift much.The Joker is the nickname. Joker (ziyoka, originally meant to be a ghost card in poker, which means “the card” in the plot)The background image of the total attack ending screen reads “THE SHOW’S over”.


I’m sure you’ve played Persona or you are an avid fan of Persona Cosplay Costume,even that you are passionate at Protagonist Akira Kurusu Cosplay Costumes Store For any reason, there are plenty of people who are obsessed with Persona and have purchased this Persona Protagonist Akira Kurusu Cosplay Costume, so let’s examine it more closely.

About the details.It’s obvious that the fabric is cotton and PU leather. it’s really light and thin material. The details on the costume are lovely. The clothes are made naturally.

Concerning the size.The measurement is accurate.But different sizes and genders also vary.So you have to pay attention to the size list. The measurement will be precise when you choose the correct size.

About The material.This Persona 5 Kaitou Cosplay Costume Akira, the main character Kurusu Full Set is made of Cotton, Spandex leather, leather PU, Satin.So it is at the top quality.Soft and lightweight.

The accessories.The Accessories of this Persona 5 Kaitou Cosplay Costume Protagonist Akira Kurusu Full Set comprise of: Shirt, Coat, Eyemask, Pants, Gloves.It is perfect.All the accessories are paired to create the best wear-effect. Like the photo shows it’s cool.

If you are really an enthusiast of Persona I strongly suggest to purchase this Persona Protagonist Akirakurusu Cosplay Costume Evening Suit.You will not regret it.

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